Aluminium Doors

Residential doors serve as a reflection of personal style and identity, offering visitors their initial impression of those residing within. Aluminium doors, with their contemporary appeal, not only showcase individuality but also deliver flawless functionality and reliable protection against external elements and intruders. Modern aluminium doors provide a versatile blend of function and design, allowing individuals to express their unique style.

The unique geometry of residential doors, with their convex design sash, adds a distinctive touch and enhances their aesthetic appeal.

Attention to detail is key: impeccable quality stems from perfect harmony. Security is the peace of mind you feel when closing the door behind you, knowing you are safe and at home. Multi-point locking mechanisms ensure enhanced security.

Whether the door opens inward or outward, features a universal residential door threshold, or is constructed with an aluminium frame glass door, various configurations such as peripheral sash frames or extra-wide base profiles can be accommodated. For barrier-free access, residential doors can be equipped with special brush seals, even without a threshold. Additionally, options for glass infill, aluminium panels, or wooden panels offer further customization possibilities.

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Aluminum Doors
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Slide & Fold Systems

Sliding Folding System is a versatile and flexible, door system, available in a wide range of configurations to create the look you desire.

Multiple Doors can be combined with open-in or open- out options, in a variety of styles to create a wide expanse of opening. Sliding Folding System can be used in domestic applications as either an alternative to sliding doors or to open up entire wall as part of a conservatory, the system will make the most of a beautiful view or bring a garden into the home.

Sliding Folding System offers impressive opening apertures that can unite internal and external areas creating unique living and social areas. Suitable for both Residential and Commercial applications.

Our systems combine the strength and light weight properties of Aluminium form and function of the highest standard. Reliability and security are key drivers in the design of any sliding or folding door system. The System have been rigorously tried and tested to exceed many standards and are certified under the ‘Secured by Design’ scheme for security and exceed severe exposure categories for weather tightness.

Architects and designers appreciate these Bi-Fold / Slide & fold windows and doors not only for its versatility, but also for its high-quality performances and its easy pliability to technical need of modern architecture.


Our Customers Deserve The Best

We promise “value for money”, which means that our wide assortment of aluminium finishes cater to the tastes of all kinds of customers without hurting their budget. Installation of aluminium finishes can create a big dent in your budget if you are unaware of what exactly you are looking to buy. However, with our broad range of options, one can decide on what suits his / her needs best. Our team will help you in making informed decisions regarding the windows you choose.



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