A façade, commonly referred to as a curtain wall, typically constitutes one exterior side of a building, usually the front, originating from the French word “façade” denoting “frontage” or “face.” In architecture, the façade often holds paramount importance as it establishes the design tone for the entire structure, usually featuring doors or windows. Some employ facade systems, constructed segments affixed to a building’s external face like a skin.

A fundamental element of the building envelope, the curtain wall, is defined as a non-load-bearing exterior skin that does not contribute stiffness to the building structure. Key requisites of a curtain wall include maintaining air and water integrity in the cladding system, offering adequate wind, thermal, and seismic response, and providing light transmission to interior spaces. The constitution of a curtain wall is crucial, typically a blend of various system types to express architectural intent and aesthetically define the building profile. These systems may include all-glazed facades (such as aluminum-framed systems, point-supported systems, cable net systems), opaque facades (such as precast, natural stone, and/or metal panels), or a combination of schemes depending on the building’s purpose.


Handrails serve as rails designed for hand grasping, providing stability and support, frequently employed on stairways and escalators to prevent falls, and serving as safety and aesthetic parapets. They are typically supported by posts or mounted directly onto walls.


Q-Railing, the preeminent brand in railing systems, stands for sophisticated design, unbeatable quality, rapid assembly, and excellent safety. Offering a wide range of certified glass balustrades, baluster railings, handrails, glass adapters, glass clamps, and innovative solutions for top-quality balustrades, Q-railing’s systems are renowned for their flexibility. Thanks to their modular design, components can be mixed and matched to create unique balustrades, bringing visions to life.

Q-railing provides handrails and supports for steps and stairways, as well as safety barriers around balconies and between floor levels. Countless balustrades and handrails have been installed worldwide in various settings, including private homes, offices, shopping malls, sports stadiums, and airports.

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Schüco Aluminium Systems

Schüco, headquartered in Bielefeld (Germany) is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality window, door and façade systems made from aluminium. Millions of Schüco products are used all over the world and meet the highest requirements of design, comfort, security and energy efficiency.
Schüco Group develops and sells system solutions for windows, doors, façades, sliding systems, security technology and sun shading. In addition to these innovative products for residential and commercial buildings, the building envelope specialist offers consultation and digital solutions for all phases of a building project – from the initial idea through to design, fabrication and installation. Machinery for fabrication and a 360° cycle of sustainability complement the range of products and services.

Innovation, partnership, excellence and responsibility define the success of Schüco. As one of the technological leaders for the entire building envelope, Schüco stands for continuous innovation. At the same time, the company is a competent partner for investors, architects and fabricators worldwide. Schüco achieves excellence under the umbrella of a strong brand through certified quality and award-winning design. Schüco conserves resources and takes responsibility for people and the environment with sustainable products.

Schüco with presence in over 45 cities in India works with top fabrication partners to ensure global quality and performance standards are maintained. With new showrooms in New Delhi and Bangalore as well as a much bigger supply chain hub in Bangalore which has recently been acquired, the company is geared up for higher efficiencies in the Indian façade and fenestration industry as a leading European brand. A large team of technical managers, design and engineering support aided with after sales support, marketing and a large sales team help cater to the growing market.
With more than 5,650 employees and 12,000 partner companies, Schüco is active in over 80 countries across the globe.

Benefits of Schüco Aluminum Systems

To the end client:

Intelligent system solutions for buildings which are aesthetically pleasing and make economic sense at the same time.
Schüco finds the right answers to the question of how to combine design and aesthetics with secure planning and intrinsic value.
Technology must offer people usability and ergonomics. And it must remain affordable – both in terms of purchase and operation.

To the architect:

Design freedom, planning reliability and cost certainty. Only when everything comes together, exceptional ideas can become reality.
Design plays an important role for the feelgood factor in homes. What is perfect is when security functions are also integrated and concealed.
Technology must offer people usability and ergonomics. And it must remain affordable – both in terms of purchase and operation.

In addition to energy efficiency, the merging of form and function is a basic requirement when designing modern building envelopes today.


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We promise “value for money”, which means that our wide assortment of aluminium finishes cater to the tastes of all kinds of customers without hurting their budget. Installation of aluminium finishes can create a big dent in your budget if you are unaware of what exactly you are looking to buy. However, with our broad range of options, one can decide on what suits his / her needs best. Our team will help you in making informed decisions regarding the windows you choose.



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